The Endemic Livestock Diseases Initiative (ELD) aims to meaningfully reduce the overall level and impact of endemic disease  n the UK livestock sector, to improve productivity and the health and welfare of animals. The initiative brings academia and businesses together to cocreate novel prevention and intervention solutions. ELD has been established as a multi-stage initiative to develop a flagship, strategic collaborative research and development programme consisting of:

Catalysing Partnerships

Priming Partnerships

Phase 2: CR&D

The Endemic Livestock Diseases Initiative was launched in 2021 after extensive stakeholder engagement across the livestock sector and with policy makers. Thus far, 11 Catalysing Partnerships projects were funded, which ended in Spring 2022. A further  1 Priming Partnerships projects were funded to run between June-September 2022. Currently the Phase 2: CR&D round of the Initiative projects are underway, with projects lasting no longer than 36 months. A total of £9.35 million is being invested in the Endemic Livestock Diseases Initiative by BBSRC, Defra, Daera and Scottish Government.