Aimed to facilitate partnerships and idea cocreation across academia and industry, the Priming Partnership projects were provided £1.95million funding as part of the Endemic Livestock Disease Initiative. 11 projects covering cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs industries were provided with project funding of between £125,000-£250,000 for a project length of 12 months.

Funded projects aim to reduce overall levels and impact of endemic disease on UK livestock sector productivity and the health and welfare of animals in the UK.

The 11 Priming Partnership projects are:

Unravelling Enterococcus cecorum infection on UK broiler farms: correlating clinical signs with genomics.

Factors influencing endemic disease in the Northern Ireland sheep flock.

RaDiCal: Rapid diagnosis of Calf Pneumonia.

Ovine Respiratory Disease: A Pathway to Prevention.

Fighting Infection and AMR in broiler farming: AI, omics and smart sensing for diagnostics, treatment selection and gut microbiome improvement.

Enhancing the efficacy and ease of application of existing endemic livestock disease vaccines via novel adjuvants and delivery systems.

Predicting and enhancing lifetime resilience in dairy cattle.

Management of post-weaning diarrhoea and the implications for AMR in response to the upcoming ban on zinc supplementation in pigs.

Optimisation Of On-farm Technologies To Predict Health And Resilience In Dairy Calves.

Tackling bottlenecks to the use of data for enhanced Johne’s Disease control.

An Integrated Parasite Control Framework for Ruminants.