This project will develop fundamental knowledge and new solutions for the Precise Control of Fasciolosis in Sheep by developing and deploying within farm-level environmental DNA and proteomic tools that determine environmental risk areas for fasciolosis. The project will also identify fluke infection indicators from animal-based performance and behaviour measures. The project aims to revolutionise the ability of sheep farmers to accurately treat acute fasciolosis by identifying areas of hazard on pasture, develop tools to determine which animals need treatment and facilitate the optimal use of anthelmintic control options to protect animal health and welfare whilst maximising performance. The project will directly engage and collaborate with farmers and veterinarians, to explore novel practice-based approaches for fasciolosis control and treatment and to build a knowledge exchange programme driven by the identification of farmer knowledge gaps. Our work will also enhance our fundamental understanding of Galba Truncatula ecology and fasciolosis epidemiology, diseased animal behaviour and between-life stage parasite protein biomarkers. These enhancements can drive further multidisciplinary research across a wide array of fields.

Contact details:

Dr Anwen Jones

Pro Vice-Chancellor: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Aberystwyth University